Call for Papers

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Systems for searching and organizing multimedia information have matured during the last few years. However, retrieving specific media objects is still a challenging task, especially if the query can only be vaguely defined or a similar object, e.g., a piece of music, should be retrieved. The main reasons for the problems in multimedia search are still on the one hand, the users' difficulty in specifying their interests in the form of a well-defined query due to insufficient support from the interface, and on the other hand, the problem of extracting relevant (semantic) features from the multimedia objects. Ideally, user specific interests should also be considered when ranking or automatically organizing result sets. To improve today's retrieval tools and thus the overall satisfaction of a user, it is necessary to develop advanced techniques able to support the user in the interactive retrieval process.

The Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval workshop aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and companies with focus on existing and novel techniques into the field of multimedia retrieval. We promote the idea of having a separate event for focusing to the specificities of the adaptivity challenge. The goal of this workshop is therefore to intensify the exchange of ideas, to provide an overview of current activities in this area and to point out connections between multimedia retrieval, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The 10th International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval, AMR'2012, will be held on 24-25th October in Copenhagen, Denmark. This 10th anniversary workshop of the series is dedicated to review the developments in the field over the last years. Hence, we welcome especially contributions that will review recent research and current trends in this field.

Topics of Interest

This year’s workshop focuses on start-of-the-art and visionary contributions in multimedia retrieval. However, we also welcome position papers and recent work in this field. The topics are:

  • Multimedia retrieval systems (for text, image, audio, video and mixed-media)
  • Theoretical foundations of multimedia retrieval and mining
  • Intelligent multimedia data modeling, indexing and structure extraction
  • Adaptive hypermedia and web based systems
  • Metadata for multimedia retrieval
  • Multimedia and multi-modal mining
  • Semantic content analysis for multimedia
  • Semantic web and ontologies
  • Multimedia interaction
  • Affect detection for multimedia content
  • Soft computing in multimedia information retrieval
  • Adaptive query languages
  • Similarity measures (especially user adaptive measures)
  • User and preference modeling (including feedback models)
  • Methods for adaptive data visualization and user interfaces